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The Seller of Soul:

Trio Freind defeats a formidable Black Soul Wizard to save the world

April and Nancy are good friends, and they are also neighbors of each other. They both study in the same class in the same school. He likes to read ghost stories and often talks about things related to them. He also likes to read books.


While returning from school, they always talk about seeing an abandoned bungalow in the middle of the forest and going inside it. Nancy is always more curious, but April is scared, and she tells Nancy that there really is a ghost in that house. Then he will be killed.

Abhijeet Gondwana

A Word from Auther

In the stillness of night, you lie cocooned in your bed, the world around you cloaked in darkness. The rhythmic cadence of your breath lulls you into slumber, and your mind drifts into the realm of dreams.

Suddenly, a force tugs at your leg from beneath the covers. Your eyes snap open, heart racing, and you find yourself **utterly alone in your room. The shadows play tricks on your senses, and fear coils in your chest. Is there something lurking, unseen, beneath your bed? Your rational mind dismisses it as mere imagination, but the primal instinct to flee grips you.

In the dream, you sprint through moonlit corridors, your legs heavy as if wading through molasses. The specter of a ghost pursues you, its ethereal form twisting and contorting. Desperation fuels your flight, yet your limbs betray you—they move sluggishly, as if submerged in water. You glimpse the ghost’s hollow eyes, hear its mournful wails, and wonder if this is a battle you can win.

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After reading this book, think and feel whether this has happened to you.
After this, my second book is going to come in which I have tried to pace it in a better way. I am sure that you will find it more scary because the way I have tried to present my first book in front of you, I have used my I have given full effort, which has given me more confidence and I have fully implemented it in this upcoming book.

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Upcoming Book​

Ghost stories have always fascinated you—the inexplicable, the otherworldly. You’ve read about restless spirits, vengeful phantoms, and haunted places. Perhaps that’s why your subconscious conjures these spectral encounters. But this dream, this relentless chase, feels different. It’s not just fiction; it’s a visceral struggle against the unknown.

And now, as you pen your thoughts, the words spill forth—a testament to your fascination with the supernatural. You’ve captured fragments of fear, curiosity, and wonder. But remember, this isn’t the final chapter. There are more tales waiting to be told, more mysteries to unravel. Your thinking, like the night, stretches into infinity. 🌙✨

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